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Shannon Sharpe Can't Stop Thinking Of His Ex And Accidentally Called Stephen A. Smith "Skip" In An Argument

I don't know why but I've watched this clip 20 times while laughing the entire time. When you think about it, being on a hot take show is really like being in a couple and Shannon just broke up with his ex. Stephen A. clearly understood that and hit him with the perfect calming voice telling him "It's okay" and not to be hard on himself. The funny thing is I'm pretty sure all three of these people couldn't stand Skip at the end of the day, had to leave that whack job, and found each other in the end while crushing Skip's show. So that has to feel good.

I also wonder if this relationship will stay alive for a long time. These analyst probably talk so much shit about one another when they go home and that's what I would love to hear about. Stephen A. Smith venting about Skip or Shannon Sharpe would be a fantastic show. I don't know if we'll ever get it though, so for now we'll have to just settle for Stephen A. tweeting out links about his show beating Skip's show in the ratings.