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Mickey Mantle + Bo Jackson + Mike Trout? Jasson Dominguez AKA "The Martian" Did Little To Quiet The Insane Hype Around Him During His Debut Weekend

Bob Levey. Getty Images.

I imagine you're already rolling your eyes with the amount of Jasson Dominguez blogs you're seeing. I'd like to clear that up for any confusion. There will be no shortage of Martian blogs on this forum. There's a 20 year old on the Yankees who switch hits, nicknamed the Martian, named after Jason Giambi, and is supposed to be an athletic combination of Bo Jackson, Mickey Mantle, and Mike Trout. I'm going to blog about this kid until my fingers fall off. Once that happens I'll do voice to text and worst case it'll read like a Marty Mush blog. The Dominguez blogs will keep coming. 

And yes, the title of the blog is ridiculous, but we're in the clicks business folks. If Jeff Passan compares him to those three guys and he looks the way he did? We're running with it. They're calling him Mini Aaron Donald in the clubhouse. He's a freak in the best way, he's here, and he's beautiful. 

On Friday, The Martian made his Major League debut and on his first swing in the big leagues launched this opposite field homer off Justin Verlander. No big deal. 

Last night in the 6th inning of a tie ball game he launched this moon shot off of Cristian Javier. Think that swing will work at Yankee Stadium?  

Fourth Yankee ever to hit two homers in his first three game and the guy was in Double-A just two weeks ago. What a sicko. 

The Yankee Yutes ran circles around the Astros this weekend resulting in the team's first sweep of Houston since 2013. Volpe, Peraza, Dominguez, Pereira, Wells, Cabrera were all in like middle school or below around then. Now they're here helping this team win. 

Where was this a month ago? Instead we had to watch Ben Rortvedt try to play baseball. I was told Austin Wells couldn't catch. Had no ability behind there and it was going to hurt his potential in the big leagues despite his potent bat. Well he looks plenty fine to me. 


He also got a ton of praise from Yankee pitchers for the way he called games this weekend. The fact that he's also a power hitting lefty at the plate makes me go from six to midnight. Imagine actual offensive production from the catcher position? Cashman just puked reading that. 

Remember when they tried to make Jake Bauers and Billy McKinney a thing? Josh Donaldson was a hope for this team. Now the kids are here, flying around the diamond, causing all sorts of chaos for opponents. 

I hate Brian Cashman so much. No urgency whatsoever. If it were up to him he'd still be playing Franchy Cordero, Donaldson, Bauers, McKinney, and IKF. 

I get the feeling Hal made the executive decision to call up Dominguez to try and get people in the seats for September. He knows he's losing the potential postseason money this year and if they kept running out the same duds the Stadium would be barren for the final month. Now that The Martian is here looking like this? People will flock there to see him in the flesh. Hell I might even get there after swearing against the idea a few weeks ago. 

Watching this team play this weekend was legitimately fun. While it's a major bummer that this is all happening too late, I think we all needed to see something like this as fans for our sanity. 

Make no mistake about it this season was beyond miserable. My mental health has never been lower after watching every game. At least this gives me hope for the future. Cashman is still going to be around to call the shots, and it's possible Boone survives this year if they have a good finish. That's all terrifying, but Dominguez and the kids behind him in the lineup impacting the game every day is awesome to see for my soul. Keep mashing and give the front office no choice but to start the season like this next year.