You Gotta Be A Real Idiot To Try And Run On The Field To Touch Messi With His Body Guard Roaming The Sidelines

So we know that Messi is something we haven't seen before. Dude has a cult following that makes anyone else look like nothing. I mean, come on, he has Leo eating a popsicle like a 4-year old watching Paw Patrol:

One of the coolest people in the world, one of the most recognizable people in the world just out here mowing down on a popsicle to watch Messi. But if that wasn't enough, he had Selena Gomez basically cumming herself in her seat 

Can't say her loving soccer players is a surprise

Shit, he even made Owen Wilson's family freak out: 


Bully move by that kid in the pink Messi jersey. Bodied Owen Wilson. But through all that, the real star was Messi's body guard. You can't teach this hustle: 

Should have delivered a hit though if we're being honest. I'm sure he's trained not to, but you're first on the scene. Can't be letting anyone get away with touching Messi. Not sure that running technique. It's like a hybrid of Jersey Jerry and KFC during the cone drill. Tough look for the boys in yellow there. Can't miss your opportunity to shine on the field and deliver a hit because of a personal bodyguard. You practice years for this moment and it's just gone. 

Can't be surprised though, this is his background

Still can't believe he didn't tackle the guy. A little concerning even if it's the 'safe' play. I want my bodyguard to lay guys out. You don't come onto the pitch and get away with it. 

PS: Inter Miami is no longer the worst team in the MLS. Messi effect baby.