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The New Exorcist Movie Has Changed It's Release Day From Friday the 13th To October 6th So It Doesn't Have To Compete With Taylor Swift


I respect the hell out of Jason Blum here. He makes some of the biggest, most successful movies in the world,

and he still has no ego. He knows there's no competing with Taylor. So when she announced her Era's Tour was hitting theaters on October 13, he moved the new Exorcist movie to October 6th. What's even crazier is October 13th is FRIDAY THE 13TH! Like, he was about to drop the scariest movie on a Friday the 13th in the month of October…and Taylor Swift forced his hand to change it. That's insane. But again, good for him for recognizing it was the smart play.

And not for nothing, the new Exorcist movie looks scary as hell. They played the trailer for it before Oppenheimer (84/100, by the way. JDL giving it 100/100 is crazy to me. It was a good 2:15 movie they stretched into 3 hours. It was good but not the best movie of all time) and it scared the fuck outta me. There's no chance I see it. In my old age I've realized I don't enjoy being scared anymore. Haunted houses, scary movies, miss me with all of that. I startle easily as it is, I don't need to pay to be scared for 2 hours. I used to LOVE the Scream movies, but I guess things change as you get older. Gve me a light beer in an air conditioned bar and a side order of french fries with ranch, that's my ideal 2 hours.



PS: This is pretty sweet though.