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Attractive 25-Year Old Business Coach Says Being Delusional is The Key to Happiness and Wealth

NY Post - A 25-year-old has claimed that being delusional is what brought her happiness — and a big payday. 

Romanee Virgara of Adelaide, Australia, quit her job as a logistics manager in February 2023 to become a business coach and public figure. 

Virgara told SWNS, the British news service, that she always knew she was going to be a business owner and public figure — and that being delusional was the only way to succeed.

People ask me for advice on how to get a job at Barstool Sports all the time, and I never know what to tell them. What am I supposed to say that they don't already know? "Just keep posting incessantly it will happen!" Or if I'm being honest with them I say, "Just obsess over The Yak for multiple years until they play your Jeopardy game live on air and invite you into the office for a reality show... Then win the reality show." 

But thanks to Romanee Virgara, I no longer have to give a line of bullshit. In order to achieve what you want out of your life and career, you simply need to practice the art of delusion

She said being “delulu,” or delusional, is what made her rich after she began treating content creation as her 9-to-5 job.

As much as I want to make fun of this woman (and I still will) I think she might be on to something. Every great entrepreneur has to be delusional to a certain degree. When you consider the percentage of small businesses that actually amount to anything, it takes a crazy person to think that their business will be any different.

Romanee Viagra barely even had an idea. She didn't quit her job to "pursue a career in comedy" or "start an OnlyFans". She kept it much more vague than that. She quit her job to "become a public figure", and loosely called herself a "business coach". How exactly was that going to work for her? It didn't matter. She knew she wanted to be famous, stayed delusional about it, and the rest fell into place.

You heard the woman. "It is your job to want what you want. It's the universe's job to figure out the how. Let go of the how." 

I can't stress enough how much the "how" does not matter. If you wish it hard enough, money will start appearing in your bank account for reasons you didn't even think were possible.

Apparently this woman is a business coach now. I would pay good money to have her coach me up. I'd like to see what she tells her clients after a few months when they haven't notice any changes.

CLIENT: Romanee I just don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I've been wishing for success day and night for 100 days straight, but I'm all out of money and have zero career prospects

ROMANEE: Ok, well have you been actively trying to better yourself? Are you doing any tangible things to create income?

CLIENT: Absolutely not

ROMANEE: Perfect keep that up

CLIENT: So what am I doing wrong?

ROMANNE: Well sometimes you just need to give the universe a bit of a push. Here's what I want you to do. When you get home, open up a brand new line of credit and book a month long vacation at a luxury hotel in Paris

CLIENT: But I can't afford that

ROMANEE: See, right there is your problem. No wonder you're still a broke bitch. Spend the money you want, not the money you have. Go book the trip, hang out at home for a few days, maybe go out for a few expensive meals, and I guarantee you by next month a random accountant you didn't even know existed will have found some sort of tax error that will result in $20k appearing in your checking account overnight. Trust me.

Virgara said one of the ways she used delusion to spark success was through simply believing she was already a successful business owner. 

“I was doing things as if I was already that person,” she told SWNS. 

One of those things was test-driving her dream car, a Ford Ranger, when she only had a little over $500 in her bank account. 

Just six months later, Virgara put down a deposit on the car.

Personally, I like to do the opposite of manifesting. Every morning when I wake up, I think about every possible thing that could go wrong in my life, and imagine that all of it is going to happen today. Then I dwell on that in the shower for a while until I'm comfortable with the fact that even if all of the bad things happen, I'm still going to survive. Once I'm comfortable with complete and utter failure, then I can go on with my day. Then no matter how my day goes, I know it could have been worse. 

But maybe it's time for a change. Things have been going great for me lately. But imagine how much better off I would be if I spent more time wanting and less time doing. Dave needs to hire this girl. Not for content or anything. I just need her to give our office a pep talk every morning. Then Barstool would be unstoppable.