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LaVar Ball And BBB Are Back With Another Attempt To Completely Take Over The Shoe Game

Allen Berezovsky. Getty Images.

Alright hand up, I most certainly did not know BBB was still a thing in 2023. I thought the BBB shoes were put down for good back in 2019 once Lonzo essentially confirmed how trash they were

or the time Lonzo's manager decided to throw them in the trash for the entire internet to see

and if that wasn't enough, there was also the whole idea that the Lakers thought it was the BBB shoes that played a role in Lonzo's knee injuries. Basically, I thought the BBB brand and their venture into the shoe game was a thing of the past when even the sons wouldn't rock them anymore. LaMelo Ball for example has a $100M deal with PUMA. 

But as you can see, the jokes on us! Not only is BBB alive and well, it's getting back into the shoe game!

Giphy Images.


OK come on LaVar. What are we doing here? There is no way he looks at those shoes and thinks to himself

"Nailed it!"

I can only imagine how expensive these are going to be considering the first time BBB put out shoes they were like $495. Is this just a case where LaVar doesn't have anyone in his life or involved in the BBB that will ever tell him no? I mean what even are those things? On some level, I sort of respect the grift considering he's pushing the very product that may have played a big role in ruining his son's basketball career. I'd say read the room a little bit LaVar, but when has he ever given a shit about that?

During the height of the LaVar Ball drama, he was everywhere. You couldn't go 5 seconds without seeing him on TV or on your timeline. These last few years he's disappeared, so to come back in 2023 trying to play the same card as 2017-19 is pretty funny. I know he gets a lot of shit from people, but at the end of the day Lonzo made the league and close to $100M in basketball contracts alone, and then there's LaMelo who's a legit All Star point guard who not only has that PUMA money but also just signed a 5/205M extension with the Hornets this summer. Safe to say LaVar's plan for his sons worked. 

But these shoes? Hard no. I don't want to sound mean but the time may have arrived for LaVar to stop trying to get into the shoe business. Stop trying to make BBB a thing

Giphy Images.

and just enjoy watching your sons play in the NBA. 

Then again, creating shoes this ugly is maybe the greatest marketing ploy of the 21st century. We weren't talking about BBB last week, were we? No publicity is bad publicity I guess, and nobody would give a shit if BBB put out a normal-looking shoe. I know personally I haven't thought about BBB in 3 years, so maybe the joke's on me? I mean I'm not going to buy those things, I'd be surprised if anyone actually does, but maybe that's not even the point. Maybe the point is to simply have BBB on people's brains again.

If that's the case, well shit. Another point for LaVar.