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Name A Conference Who Had A Worse And More Embarrassing Saturday Than The Big 12 … You Can’t

Most recently we had Texas Tech as 14 point favorites in Laramie (which looking back was such a red flag rat line) and lose outright. The Red Raiders had Oregon on deck. Such a look ahead spot. Wyoming was so easy looking back. Anyway. They lose outright and that’s pretty embarrassing. 

However, the Big 12 was just a series of “who can be the more embarrassing  team” as teams tried to top each other all day long. 

We had TCU as a 20 point favorite at home lose outright  to (the all time disrespected) Colorado. They had no answer for Travis Hunter and Shedeur Sanders. 

The Buffs looked legit. and quickly ran up the score both on the field and in the post game press conference.

TCU is the least to blame of making the conference (Big 12) look like shit. In their defense , Colorado May just be and poor TCU was the first one to find out . 

Last we have what I consider to worst of the bunch. 

The Baylor Bears who lost OUTRIGHT to Texas State. 

Holy hell, what a horrific loss for Baylor. HORRIFIC. Can’t even recover from that. Legit. Can’t be losing to Texas State . 

What a just overall AWFUL day for The Big 12 . Hey what can you say … not everyone can be the class of the league like Kansas State.