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Another Reason To Love Mack Brown: If He Doesn’t Think You Are Listening To Him, He Will Literally Choke You

Lot to like about Mack Brown. First off anytime you think of him you have to mention maybe the greatest College Football Game ever played. And one of the greatest championship games in all of sports ever played. 

Another reason to love him is he keeps it loose. 

But now, he’s added a new reason to love him. 

If he doesn’t think you are listening to him he will literally choke you. 

Just such an old man move and gives md major “YOU LISTEN TO ME WHEN IM TALKING TO YOU SON” vibes like a tv or movie dad. The best part is Mack probably didn’t realize he literally emasculated Shane Beamer, he was just doing what he does. Poor Mack.

On the other hand, maybe Mack did know what he was doing and stood up for all the women’s athletes that got “honored” for roughly 12 seconds last season. #Somethings