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Badass Bitch Sneaks Out Of The House To Go See Metallica

After Metallica's first of two concerts last week at the stadium in Inglewood emptied out, it appeared as though one young headbanger "sitting in a seat for hours" became separated from her chaperone and communication issues prevented her from providing any info.

So Storm, a canine neighbor who lives near the venue, was taken to a shelter and it was assumed that the owner…somehow managed to get Storm into a Metallica concert only to abandon her there.

Well, you know what they say about assuming.

Fortunately, that wasn't the case at all. Storm simply Irish Goodbye'd her humans and headed down the street hoping to hear "For Whom The (Dinner) Bell Tolls". Thanks to social media, she was reunited with them the next day. 

It's turns out Storm is just a metalhead at heart according to her owner Arizbeth Hurtado.

“She is apparently a huge Metallica fan who decided to sneak out for the concert!”

“We were laughing so hard when we saw she was SITTING IN AN ACTUAL SEAT AT THE CONCERT!"

When the titans of heavy metal got word, they clarified the story in a social media post.

The idea of going to any concert, let alone Metallica, and seeing a dog sitting in a seat and rocking out for hours is friggin' hilarious. Then you find out that she essentially said 'good night' to mom and dad before sneaking out her bedroom window, making the story even more outrageous. But you know what would make it an all-timer? If that same dog also went to Wrestlemania.


I have no idea if that's Stormy or not but I'm believing it is until proven otherwise. We should find out in a week if she's also a fan of mediocre football teams.