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Chip Kelly Hates That The Running Clock Rule Is Slowing Down His Offense And Takes A Shot At TV Companies With “I Hope You Guys Are Selling A Lot Of Commercials”

The new college rules of not stopping the clock on first downs had a ton of buzz when it was announced. Gamblers were worried how it would affect totals. Fans were worried how it would affect the length of games. But no one was more affected than teams who like to go fast. And no one goes faster than Chip Kelly and his offense. 

So it makes sense that he is pretty pissed off after just 1 half of play. He wants to get going, he wants speed and you can’t do that when you aren’t stopping the clock and trying to speed the game up. 

I love the shot at the tv stations who clearly made the deal for more commercials. Chip is pissed… stop the clock and let them score 50!