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After Seeing The Footage Of 73,000 People Stuck At The Burning Man Festival Due To Flooding With No Way In Or Out, I Have No Choice But To Believe The Climate Change Activists Put A Hex On Them

CBS News - The entrance to the Burning Man counterculture festival in the Nevada desert was closed and attendees were urged to shelter in place Saturday as flooding from storms swept through the area.

The entrance will be closed for the remainder of the event, which began on Aug. 27 and was scheduled to end on Monday, according to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, which oversees the Black Rock Desert where the festival is being held. Organizers urged festivalgoers to conserve their food, water and fuel. 

The Black Rock City Municipal Airport, a temporary pop-up airport used by festival goers every summer specifically for Burning Man, was closed as of Saturday afternoon, the festival said. 

"All event access is currently closed," the festival said, and no driving was permitted except for emergency vehicles.  

About 6 inches of rain is believed to have fallen on Friday at the festival site, located about 110 miles north of Reno, the National Weather Service in Reno said. There was a chance of showers and thunderstorms Saturday night and Sunday, the festival said on its website, with a quarter-inch of rain forecast for Sunday. 

First off, Diplo is so cool right now. Diplo.

Secondly, Burning Man Fest is my nightmare.

Burning Man with flooding is literal hell on Earth.

Real talk though this is a real bummer for all the rich people pretending to be poor who go to this thing, spending thousands on outfits and vehicles and shit to post on social media.

"I want to look like I raided Mad Max's closet for night 1 bro. Take a ton of molly and get lost in the moment and just get away from capitalism. What filter should I use on Instagram?"

As you may remember, this whole thing got off to quite the hot start this year, with climate change activists blockading the entrance to the festival earlier this week. 


Their little barricade they set up was fucking steamrolled by Nevada Highway Police who did the right thing and said enough is enough. 

It's pretty clear these activists are witches who like their revenge served cold. Sure, they picked up their little signs, and went home. But once they got home they definitely prayed to their pagan gods to exact retribution on this whole entire festival and that's exactly what happened with this storm today. Now, nobody can leave and their stuck in their own filth.

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