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I'm Not Totally Sure What Serving Technique This Bartender Is Doing But I've Never Been More Intrigued

Sometimes I'll be scrolling TikTok and be so confused by a video that I watch it around 100 times until I understand. I'm on rerun number two dozen and I still am not totally sure, but that's exactly why I'm here to share it on the blog. Bless the TikTok algorithm for showing me videos that are tagged with "#barstoolsports" even though a large majority of them are a complete waste of time. I've been on the Internet so long that I expected this to end in some crazy injury. Nope, just Kayla serving up bevs and captivating America's heart in the process. That being said, I have a lot of questions and not too many answers.

OSHA has to be punching air watching this video. Jon Taffer is going to have nightmares. Where is this bar so I can promptly report it for lack of sanitary practices? And what is the purpose of this? I'm not sure but keep doing it. That fan gave me so much anxiety being mere inches away from disaster. I just know this is in Florida too. Do they ever not wear swimsuits over there? Just look at this fella's face, whatever he tipped wasn't enough:

I can guarantee you that guy hasn't felt that type of way since his days in Sigma Chi. "I'm just going out to the bar with Steve and Dan for a bit to watch the game" was certainly uttered to the wife at some point before he left. Our new Mixologist Mistress Kayla looks to be about 6 feet tall and if I know anything about anything will be famous in a couple days when this video goes even more viral. God bless the free market.