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A Woman Claims To Have Found The Loch Ness Monster And Has The Photos To Prove It

The Telegraph - For a celebrity creature sought for nearly a century by an army of investigators it has proven annoyingly elusive.

But now new images of what has been claimed to be the Loch Ness Monster have emerged with one investigator hailing them as the “most exciting ever”.

The photographs were taken in 2018 but were kept secret as the photographer feared public ridicule.

Chie Kelly, who took the images and claimed the creature was moving at “steady speed”, was persuaded to go public following a high-profile search for the monster last weekend.

Mrs Kelly, a translator, said she and her husband Scott had been taking photographs of the area after having lunch in the Dores Inn, on the banks of the loch, while on a family holiday on August 13, 2018.

“I was just taking pictures with my Canon camera of Scott and our daughter Alisa, who was then five, when about 200 metres from the shore, moving right to left at a steady speed was this creature,” the 51-year-old said.

“It was spinning and rolling at times. We never saw a head or neck. After a couple of minutes it just disappeared and we never saw it again.

“At first I wondered if it was an otter or a pair of otters or a seal, but we never saw a head and it never came up again for air. It was making this strange movement on the surface. We did not hear any sound. There were these strange shapes below the surface. I could not make out any colours - the water was dark.

“I could not accurately assess its length, but the two parts that were visible were less then two metres long together.”

She added: “I don’t know what it was but it was definitely a creature - an animal. At the time I did not want to face public ridicule by making the photographs public.”

She showed the pictures to Steve Feltham, who has spent more than 30 years trying to solve the mystery, having quit his job and sold his home in Dorset in 1991, and he persuaded her to release the photos.

Well, well, well... 

Just a couple weeks ago here I was blogging about the Loch Ness Centre calling every man, woman, and child to help assist them in a giant manhunt for the fabled monster. 

You can laugh it off, but The Loch Ness Monster, aka Nessie, has fascinated people for thousands of years. The first reported sighting of such a creature was recorded in 565. Yes, 565! 

It's always been one of those myths and legends you hear about and roll your eyes thinking "how can people be so gullible?"

But don't you dare say that to this guy's face-

If this picture of what I thought were garbage bags half full of air caught in a strong breeze are good enough for him, then they're good enough for me goddamnit. 

This is random but have you ever met a Scottish person? I've met a few guys and they're the same type of person. Fucking beauties, who love to drink, chase skirts, talk shit, and bust balls. I can easily see them as kids hitting Loch Ness with some big giant tubing and shit to prank tourists. Just like that little bastard kid in Jaws with the cardboard fin on his back.

None of the haters will think this is real, but like the Amazin' Mets of '73, you gotta believe.