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I Can’t Believe There Were Fools Out There Who Still Doubted Deion Sanders Going Into this Season

 So Deion Sanders and his Colorado Buffalos wasted no time announcing their arrival in the college football landscape as they waltzed into TCU as a 20 point underdog and handed last year’s National Title runner up Horned Frogs their 1st loss in the regular season in 2 years.   Now if you’ve paid even an ounce of attention to what I’ve been saying about Deion since I met him a few years ago this did not surprise me in the least.  The guy is one of the smartest, most dynamic humans I’ve met doing Barstool and he is the PERFECT fit for today’s NIL transfer portal landscape.  Although truth be told he’d probably be perfect in any era because he’s that talented at what he does.

But I’m not here to brag about how smart I am for knowing Colorado would be much better instantly.   I feel like anybody with a functioning brain should have looked at Deion’s track record, looked at the talent he was bringing with him, looked at how good his son Shedeur Sanders is at QB and realized it wouldn’t take long for the Buffs to compete in the Pac 12.    I mean 20 pt dogs?  Are you kidding me?  I said I thought they’d win the game outright and I bet that they’d win outright.   But again I’m not here to brag about what should have been simple math for most college football pundits.

I’m here to just ask how can these “self proclaimed” experts miss this bad on Colorado this season?    Like I don’t want to say names or point fingers but look at this guy who has “The King College Football" in his profile.  

What planet was he on and how can you take anything he says seriously the rest of the season?  Just mindboggling seeing Deion make everybody eat their words yet again.   How many times does a guy have to shove it down your throat before you get the message?