Butch Jones Almost Started Crying As Arkansas State Got Smacked 73-0 By Oklahoma


Poor Butch. Arkansas State thought he'd be able to learn how to coach after being Nick Saban's coffee boy for a few years and he's now 5-20 with a 73-0 loss to Oklahoma to start his third season. You hate to see that.

It's only for about a second before he pulls himself together, but Butch was crying at the beginning of that clip. I guess he may have just figured out what anyone who has ever watched one of his teams knew years ago, which is that he couldn't coach his way out of a wet paper bag. Everyone comes to terms with things at their own pace, I guess.

I'm just upset Oklahoma didn't score in the last 9:00 of the game. An 80-0 final would have looked a bit nicer, but this will do.

Suck it, Butch.