'We Told You We Were Coming. We Keep Receipts' - Coach Prime, Reminding Any Colorado Hater That He's Better Than You

Yeah, anyone want to say anything bad now? That's it. That's really just the blog here. Dude took the worst team in power conference football, one of the worst in all of Division I on the road and won at TCU. Ho-hum shit. Oh, that's not enough? How about his son at quarterback? 

Seems decent. I know, I know, he only played a team who lost in the national title game last year. Tough to tell what he can build at Colorado. Pretty sure the guy can coach his ass off. Speaking of dudes who can do anything. Travis Hunter anyone? 


Anyone want to say that Coach Prime can't win at Colorado? Go ahead and pack your bags. Hit the transfer portal with everyone else. Get your bum ass out of Boulder and go ahead and sit back and watch Coach Prime, his son and Travis Hunter make everyone else eat their words. 

Lead from the front baby! 

Side note, I think Dylan Edwards is the fastest dude in the world. Look at this guy


What a win. Say what you want about TCU being overrated or whatever, this is a Colorado win. This is Deion planting his flag and telling anyone who hated his hire to suck his dick. 

What a fucking game. What a fucking win.