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Boston College's QB Just Scrambled 50+ Yards To Complete A Pass On 4th & 5

An absolutely hilarious clip of BC's quarterback Thomas Castellanos.

There are two types of people in this world, those who watch that and go "wow!" and those who watch that and go "wow! I used to do that all of the time in the NCAA Football video game." If you didn't play with a team like West Virginia back in the day and scramble like that with Pat White, or Texas with Vince Young, then you're just a liar. The same could be said with Madden and Mike Vick. No matter how hard you committed to the run, you always ended up just slinging the rock in the second half in every possible situation.

Also, I am not the sharpest mathematician or scientist in the world, but I felt like the 50+ yard estimate (I counted roughly 54 to 58 yards) on the scramble was accurate.

The defense stood NO CHANCE on that plan. It was actually the ref who almost fucked up the play the most.

This is also a great excuse to post one of the most legendary scrambles in college football history: Seneca Wallace at Iowa State.

College football just hit different on TBS.

Boston College also tied the game late.


So this run gets a big-time GAME SAVER label.