We Have Our Most Absurd Turnover Prop Yet: The Turnover Joker!

If you're thinking I am going to say "WHY SO SERIOUS" right now, you're right.

There's only one proper response to this video:

We've seen some absolutely ridiculous turnover props over the years, but Liberty dressing a player up as the Joker is breaking through to brand-new territory.

I am partial to the UNLV slot machine, personally.

And while this Penn Stater hates Pitt, I can't not love the turnover hoop.

But if we are now dressing players up after turnovers, the options are fucking endless:

  • Turnover Batman
  • Turnover Shrek


  • Turnover Ghost Face from Scream
  • Turnover Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite
  • Turnover Sexy Nurse

I could go on and on, but after what feels like a played-out fad for college football, we welcome the Turover Costume. Look, I am all for having fun on the sidelines, I am just asking for everyone to step up the creativity and bring it to a new level. Liberty is already in the lead for the 2023 season.


With a nice pick-six in tow, as well.

Let's see who can top it…

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