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Snoop Dogg Is The Greatest Football Commentator We Have In America, Get Him In The Booth Immediately

Everything about this is perfect. The one regular sized TV which makes Chief look like he's living in luxury while Rico loses his shit over it. The trophy right in front. The fact he's talking about the one guy who stayed at Colorado. He's the best football announcer these eyes have ever seen. I mean, sure, he's not Bill Raftery, but he's up there. Put him in the booth. Let him start calling shit because I need him and Deion Sanders to take over the Pac-12/Big 12. 

This is how I know Colorado will be just fine. Yeah, they are playing their asses off and Travis Hunter isn't coming off the field. But when you have Snoop doing play-by-play in his living room? It smells like Kordell Stewart and Rashaan Salaam back in Boulder. Something tells me Snoop would love Boulder too. Gotta get him on the sidelines and you get more recruits. 

Move the trophy though, Snoop. Let that TV breathe a little.