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Greg McElroy Should Have Known Better Than To Tweet Out This ABOMINATION Of A TV Setup

Let me be the first to say Greg McElroy is awesome at what he does. He is also like the nicest guy in the world in how he handles himself, and was a hell of a player at Alabama, where he won a National Championship. I used to call into his radio show and he was really good on that, along with the stuff he does on ESPN and calling games. 

So it pains me to write this but Greg McElroy is such a nice guy he didn't see the backlash coming when he tweeted out his TV setup for Week 1 of CFB. Now it's worth noting, the poor guy is in a hotel room so realistically he is doing the best he can. But my guy ... you gotta know you can't tweet that setup out and not expect to get roasted. 

As expected. Roasted. He had to know that was coming,but he's such a nice guy I really think he was just trying to show people he's watching the game he loves. Didn't expect to get smoked for looking like Michael Scott. For all the jabs people took at him, one did offer some constructive criticism.

Greg … every hotel in America has WIFI. Setting up a Roku (which is like $30) would take 10 mins. Bring one in the carry on and then log into Youtube TV for multiview or bring an Apple TV with Fubo multiscreen, or bring an HDMI cable and try to hook up multi screens via windows on your laptop. Come on my man it's 2023 … you make enough money, spend the dough and be prepared on the road. Can't be tweeting out Ipads … step it up.