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Prime Time: Deion Cleaned Out The Old Furniture And Colorado Already Looks Better Than They Ever Did A Year Ago

Oh look what we have here. A lot of people talking about how Deion was going to suck, this will be a blowout, what have you. First possession was damn near perfect. Take time off the clock, and get a 7-0 lead. Say what you want, but the guy knows how to get guys to buy in. He knows how to win. Not to mention Colorado was a complete dogshit team last year. Not even a debate that they were the worst power conference team a year ago. 

Guess it helps when you can bring the Sanders/Hunter combo to Boulder with you: 

Obviously there's a ton of time to go, but this is how you start building a program back. Get guys buying in, score touchdowns on the road on the first drive of the season. Love that Hunter plays both ways too. Dude is so fucking good. Primetime baby. He's arrived, the Louis look good and the Buffs are winning. 

UPDATE: The boys came to play