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The #1 College Women's Tennis Player Fiona Crawley Competed At This Week's US Open But Had To Forfeit $81,000 Because She'd Be Ineligible For The NCAA

Another example of how big of a joke the NCAA is. You gotta feel for this girl Fiona Crawley who had the opportunity to play in the arguably the biggest tournament in tennis this week but had to do it for not a single penny. The backup QB at Ohio State can get a free truck because of "NIL" but she can't keep money that she rightfully earned by being a kickass athlete? She was absolutely dominant last year until a Sweet 16 upset:

And did well in qualifying to make it into the main draw and (rightfully) earn her $81,000:

The best case scenario here is that some booster at UNC or wherever steps up and offers Fiona her money that they can disguise as "NIL". Because clearly those dictators over there at the NCAA won't do anything else about it. Pathetic stuff.