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In Awe Of This Absolute Unit: 6'5 455 Pound TCU Freshman Brione Ramsey-Brooks Already Won America's Heart Simply By Walking Out Of The Tunnel

We've talked about this fella Brione Ramsey-Brooks a few times on this blog. The good thing is that was before the season, and here we are on the first weekend. There may be a few people who haven't seen this absolute unit and who better to bring it to those people than one of the only people working the blog on this fine Saturday. America has their Big Bubba. And before you worry about his character creation build, relax. He just put on the freshman 255. He'll be alright. I think we're past units now that I think about it. This guy is just the whole moneyline. 

If Sonny Dykes has any heart, he'll give us a Brione touchdown at some point in this season and watch the Internet explode. We can dream.

With all that being said, WE COMING! Colorado with the points and ML.