This High School Was Down 8 Points With 19 Seconds Left, Scored Two Touchdowns And Won The Game On A Historically Awful Spot

Wow, what an incredible finish!*

*As long as you disregard the fact that the kid who caught the Hail Mary was down at the 3-yard line.

That is an insane way to end a game, but it's pretty tarnished if your eyeballs are functioning properly. How was that last play ruled a touchdown? It wasn't particularly close. I thought surely there just wasn't a ref down there to have the correct angle, but he was right in front of the play!


It's hard for the other team to complain about that call too much, though, when you give up a touchdown, onside kick and then another bomb back-to-back-to-back. Yeah, the call was blown, but they had to fuck up massively several times in a row to put themselves in that spot.

That's a pretty brutal way to earn a loss, though.