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Girl Sleeps With A Guy She Met On Tinder And He Steals Her $700 Shoes ... Promptly Gets Exposed After He Gifts Them To His Actual Girlfriend

What a wild video going viral today. The whole Internet is calling this guy the Tabi Swiper. One of the more unbelievable nicknames I've ever heard. If you don't know what Tabis are, join the club, but a quick Google search shows me they're Maison Margiela boots that retail for like $700. This man had his entire plan mapped out like he was the Professor in Money Heist. You're telling me they briefly locked eyes on the STREET in MANHATTAN and somehow he already matched with her on Tinder in a city with a million single humans on the apps?

And who hasn't done the ole Spotify playlist actually delete your number pump fake? How do you even think of something like that as pillow talk after sex? Society might actually be cooked if we've got dudes blowing some backs out a couple times just to swipe her shoes. I'm just imagining this dude trying on her size 6 boots seeing if they're a good fit as they're talking about fashion fully knowing those are going to be his in a few hours.

I thought that was the end of the story and oh boy was it just getting started:

So he did this entire thing for his girl? And they say chivalry is dead. My man thought he was in an episode of Sex and the City:


This fella saw that Tinder Swindler doc on Netflix and went straight to work. The Serial Shoe Snatcher we'll call him. I just know his girlfriend is decked out in all sorts of designer shit and she thinks this man's out getting money to support her but instead he's clapping cheeks every couple days to take a new item. Diabolical work. NYC dating man. Unbelievable.

I guess this story ends with her latest update 2 hours ago of the guy telling her that he's caught and will give her the shoes back if she deletes her TikTok. Unfortunately it has millions of views on Twitter and now some lowly robotic blogger at Barstool SPORTS is blogging it so it seems it may be too late. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.