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Stop What You Are Doing Right Now And Watch This Gunnar Henderson Play

This kid is a freak. He's a certified sicko for this play. In what world is this a play where they actually got a double play? It doesn't make sense. An all around incredible play by Gunnar, who now officially has entered the "you only need to call him by his first name" territory. It's just Gunnar now, no need for Henderson. Look how far Gunnar goes back, looks for the left fielder, finds the ball again, makes the catch legit in left field, turns and chucks out Corbin Carroll who is one of the fastest base runners in baseball.

Who else makes this play? Is there another shortstop in baseball right now? Sure they make the catch, but then the perfectly on line throw home to get the runner? And the tag by Adley Rutschman, good lord. This is a play that will live on Gunnar's highlight package forever. He's a special player and you can see why right here. 

106 feet covered to make then catch, then turning on a dime and throwing 90 MPH home to get a guy running 31 feet per second? How? Just how? Gunnar Henderson, you are a special, special player my friend. It's a joy to watch this kid play highlight plays like this every single night.