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Wave Goodbye To Summer On This Labor Day By Watching MTV True Life: I Have A Summer Share Featuring Tommy Cheeseballs

Every year, I bookend Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend by blogging about the greatest television program that has ever been magically beamed into our homes, True Life: I Have A Summer Share. It was the ultimate display of friendship, love, and just overall life through the eyes of the greatest TV character ever, Tommy Cheeseballs. In fact, I call the glorious, unofficial gap between those two weekends #CheeseballsSZN because summer is technically not over for a couple of more weeks.

YouTube used to have the full episodes of this glorious show, but it seems MTV dropped the copyright hammer on all the videos in an effort for their channel to only be synonymous for Ridiculousness repeats. A bummer for sure but I hope by next Memorial Day, we will have a fresh full episode flying under the Paramount lawyers' radars.

Anyway, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It may be more than a decade old, but the Tommy Cheeseballs episode of True Life is unintentional comedy at its peak that still holds up to this day. Pure fucking gold. Tommy isn’t the only star. Far from it. Before we had Snooki, J-Woww and Paulie D we had Anthony, Michelle H. and Michelle F, and the rest of Tommy’s misfit friends showing people around the country that never stepped foot in the Northeast just how RIDICULOUS the Jersey Shore could be (with some fantastic early 2000s music in the background and the stereotypical Cowboys garbage pail that I think every Italian Cowboys fan from New Jersey owned). 

I imagine older Stoolies will love this throwback while younger Stoolies will laugh as they watch the utter nonsense that is/was Tommy Cheeseballs as we try to run out the clock on the worst day of the year so we get one day closer to football being back to distract us from summer escaping our grasps once again.

So say goodbye to the beach, hot weather, and bathing suits. But don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.

Now play us off Thomas!