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In His First Ever MLB At Bat The Martian Jasson Dominguez Homers Off Justin Verlander

I’m not saying Jasson Dominguez is gonna live up to the hype of an alien who is the combination of Bo Jackson, Mike Trout, and Mickey Mantle, but homering off Justin Verlander in his first ever at bat isn’t the worst start. The motherfucking Martian has arrived. Oppo taco, punishing the reigning Cy Young champ. 

Cool to have the family in the stands for that. Nice to not have them wait for it either. 

This has been a nightmare season no doubt, but the kid going deep like that off Verlander is sick. 

Also sweet for Austin Wells to get a knock in his first at bat as well. 

Son of a bitch, Hal is gonna get us all to watch and be amazed this September isn’t he? I’m gonna have hope for 2024 again, aren’t I? I’m so stupid, but the Martian is here and I can’t help myself.