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Chris Fowler Had A Rough First Day Back

Chris Fowler had a rough first day back. The guy couldn't catch a break. The entire first half his mic was cutting in and out, and all you could hear is Herb laughing because Chris is talking but Herb can't hear anything. I'm not going to shit on Chris, he's a legend in this game. Everyone first day back is rough. It's like when you go back to school after the new year and date the paper 01/02/2022 instead of 01/02/2023, and you have to scribble out the 2 and make it a 3. You feel stupid in the moment but you get over it quick, which is exactly how Chris had to feel when he said "he BANGS it through from 55." Shit, he said BANG so confidently I got up to get a water to sober up. Turns out I was just fine, Chris was just shaking off the rust. 

I love Chris and Kirk but they can't hold Gus Johnson jockstrap. No one will ever be as electric as Gus Johnson. Hearing him on my TV after 7 months was better than fucking any A-list celebrity. It was euphoric. There's 3 things in this world that truly get a man going; Beautiful women, NFL Redzone, and Gus Johnson calling college football. 

Boys, we are so fucking back.