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Apparently They Are Now Teaching How I'm A Great Boss And Smitty Is A Horrible Employee In Business School

Listen I know we had layoffs this week.  I know it hasn't been the best week for Barstool Sports.  It 100% sucks ever having to lay people off.  Some people say I'm too crass, too mean, too blunt etc.   But guess what?  That is more of what this country needs right now.   Sometimes life is hard and hard decisions need to be made.    That's why they are teaching me in Business School.


Now I know what you're gonna say.   Doesn't that mean that Smitty should have been fired already?   And the answer is clearly yes.   He should have been fired years ago.  Fine.  Whatever.    Sorry I also believe in charity whether it be The Barstool Fund, Fisher House or employing Smitty.  Sometimes I have a heart too.  Just don't tell anybody.