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Thanks To Only Fans Paige Van Zant Has ALREADY Blown By Her UFC Earnings

I can't say I know all too much about the UFC other than enjoying some sweet fights every now and then & having Izzy Adesanya & Sugar Sean (both dudes the man) on Sundae Conversation, but you know what I do know a whole bunch more about? Only Fans would be the answer there...and it seems Paige VanZant is KILLING it over there so I obviously had to ask which is the bigger money maker? 

Now Only Fans can be a little confusing when it comes to just how you can determine who the biggest money makers are on the site because there's technically no "leaderboard" per say. Though you can look at someones stats on there and Paige has 1.39 MILLION likes of her profile on there...

1.39 MILLION!!!!! It takes $9.99 to subscribe to her page. Even if half of those likes, literally half, are subscribing to her page...I think you can figure out how much a month that is. Unbelievable. Unfathomable. Good for her and she was a friggen awesome guest on this week's Only Stans which you can subscribe to here!