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Forget The Harry Kane Saga, Marta Diaz Leaving Tottenham (Again) Is The Worst Thing The Club Can Experience This Season

Needless to say it's been a weird few months for Tottenham. You had the whole Harry Kane saga, whether he'd stay, leave for Bayern or go somewhere else. He finally decided to leave. Whatever. I still hate it. Harry Kane should have been a Spur for life and he looks ridiculous in Germany. That's just me being upset or whatever I guess. You have big Ange coming in and implementing his style, his guys, so far so good in my book. Granted it's only 3 matches into the Premier League, but I'll take a win over Man U whenever I can get it. 

Speaking of Man U. They went ahead and got Sergio Reguilon here on deadline day. Brutal. Not because Sergio is awesome or anything like that. But because Tottenham is losing Marta Diaz again: 

Look around European soccer and it's clear you need big names to win and smokes as girlfriends. Man City has that perfected, probably why they won the treble last year. Tottenham took a hit in both categories so far with Kane leaving and now Diaz leaving. Brutal Friday news dump, even if we knew it was coming. Gotta get him back after the loan. 

Anyways, I hope Marta is miserable in Manchester if we're being honest with each other.