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Pat Bev And Rashad McCants Get Into It About Their Careers On Gilbert Arenas' Pod And Pat Bev Put Him In A BODYBAG

That's my NBA pod host!!! Pat Bev put on a masterclass in dominating your opponent. And who the fuck is Rashad McCants? I'd like to consider myself a student of the game and the only thing I remember him from is a decent career at UNC, failed NBA career, and even bigger failure of a relationship with a Kardashian. You just can't go at Pat Bev who has been in the league for a decade now if you were barely around the league for a cup of coffee. I'm not even sure he qualified for long term insurance and benefits. What's that Drake line? Bench players talking like starters I hate it?

Unbelievable line there by Kenyon Martin asking him how many years he played and he said he had no clue, then he said "It was minimal". He was enjoying it more than Pat Bev was. Just some all-time reactions too from the crew:

I might use "I want to wear your crown just to feel how light it is" in every debate I'm in for the rest of time. Especially if it's recorded. And even more if your opponent is literally wearing a crown and nobody knows why. Just an un-come-back-with-able insult like Aaron Rodgers said about his interaction with Jihad Ward on Hard Knocks. Anyway, 10-7 Pat Bev in what wasn't even close. And still. 

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