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Uhhh: Eli Drinkwitz Said He'd Want Mizzou QB Brady Cook To Date One Of His Daughters Once She Turns 18 If He Didn't Already Have A Girlfriend


Even for Eli Drinkwitz, one of history's great freakshows, I would not have believed this quote was real if it wasn't accompanied by a video. Saying anything about waiting for a girl to turn 18 is incredibly creepy, but that's turned up to another level when you're talking about your own daughter.

Seriously, how do you say that? He knows there are microphones and cameras in there, right?

Maybe it's supposed to be some sort of recruiting pitch for weirdos. Go play at Missouri and if Coach Drink likes you enough, you and he can both wait patiently for his daughter's 18th birthday.

And even if you're a Missouri fan or just a fellow weirdo looking to excuse this comment, you may say, "Well, maybe his oldest daughter is really close to turning 18." I don't want to get into the guessing game of kids' ages — because I'm not the one trying to pass them off to juniors in college — but this picture is from a year ago and it sure doesn't look like it!

Yikes. What an incredibly weird thing to say.