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#HealthyDebate: Rico Bosco Should Be Banned From March After Admitting He Wants To Murder Everything We Love About College Sports

Otto Greule Jr. Getty Images.

Alright more conference realignment news. Whatever. I'm sick of it. It's all so stupid now. Cal, Stanford and SMU are joining the ACC. Can we give them Vandy from the SEC just to make a real group of nerds in that conference with Duke and Wake? Anyways, can't wait to watch that long-standing Clemson/Cal rivalry game. 

I wasn't even going to blog this, because everyone is sick of conference realignment. That is until I saw Rico Bosco throw this right in my face like I dared to call him by his first name: 

#HealthyDebate, what the fuck is Rico talking about? You have to talk about college basketball and football hand in hand because that's where sports are moving. Getting excited for conference tournaments because of this makes no sense. What makes conference tournament week is the shitty 1-bid leagues where there's 2,000 people in the stands to watch Bucknell vs Colgate. You're telling me you really care about Boston College/Cal battling out for a 14 seed or something? No one will give a shit about that and I say that as a diehard. 

You know what's magical? What we had. It's not nostalgia when it's just correct. Are we going to move ACC games to California since they have teams out there now? I mean they played in Brooklyn because of Syracuse, why not help out Stanford? It's all so stupid. The Big East is the only major conference to do a tournament right. They only play at MSG, the entire setup is beautiful. 

Now I'm sure Rico enjoys this because he's a man who was a Duke fan, now fan of whatever team sends him gear. I've lost track if it's Alabama, Utah State, Bryant or Iowa now. He naturally wants things that don't make sense, because, well, come on we're talking about Rico Bosco here. How does a 17-team ACC basketball tournament seem magical? It's going to give us more games that mean nothing to be honest. If anything it's going to be more of a reason for the dumbass NCAA Tournament expansion to be a thing. 

Here's all you need to know about why expansion/realignment is stupid. Texas A&M has been in the SEC for over a decade. They've yet to play a football game at Kentucky. That simply seems impossible, but welcome to new college sports where nothing matters. I'll scream until I'm sent to therapy, conference tournament week was already perfect as is the NCAA Tournament. 

Long story short, Rico Bosco has the worst take on conference realignment. #Healthydebate though, if you say that it's like saying with all due respect. Can say whatever you want after.