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It's Only Thursday Of Week 1 And Nebraska Has Already Given Us One Of The Collapses Of The Year

Nebraska's offense didn't do a ton in the Cornhuskers' first game of the Matt Rhule era, but the defense seemed like it was going to hold up enough to get a Week 1 win at Minnesota. At least for the first 55 minutes.

Then everything went sideways.


Daniel Jackson's catch was just an outstanding play, but what the hell was Jeff Sims doing? Gotta have some better awareness than to fire the ball into double coverage in a tied game with 90 seconds to go.

I know it's the first game of the season and the first under Rhule, but the next time this program looks like it's going to get it together again will be the first. It's upsetting to watch as a neutral observer, I can't imagine how Nebraska fans feel — I could for many years, but those are now in the past.

Just a brutal way to start the season.