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Breaking: Florida Might Be The Worst Football Team In America

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Holy shit, Florida is so bad. It's beautiful.

I came into this season expecting the Gators to be mediocre at best, but this team legitimately sucks. If Tennessee can't win in The Swamp this year, it might be time to shut the program down.

Dan Mullen fell off quickly, but him at his worst was nothing compared to Billy Napier. This guy is an all-time dumbass. He has the same look on his face that I saw far too many times with Jeremy Pruitt, which is to say that of a very simple man who is in way over his head. I would like him to be the head coach at the University of Florida for as long as possible.

I considered waiting until at least the fourth quarter to blog Florida being the worst team in the country, but there's really no need. These guys stink out loud. They really thought Graham Mertz was the answer.

You hate to see it.