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The Internet Has Already Found The "Romper Stomper" Girl Who Kicked Ass In The Viral Morgan Wallen Concert Fight Video

So I blogged this video that we put out into the Internet last night that ended up going super viral. There's just so much going on in the video but here it is again if you somehow live under a rock:

I'm not going to make this a recap blog but the whole Internet is backing and trying to find our new queen in denim or whatever rompers are made out of. Dave said he'd have her go to war for him any day. And the best part of the Internet is that nobody is safe from being identified. It took us a month to track down the crazy plane lady Tiffany Gomas which was about three weeks too long. But less than three hours after posting the video, we've got an ID on our new queen. The Jumper Barbie. The Romper Stomper. Stone Cold Becky Austin. 

And she's playing the hand she was dealt by using her hands (and boots) beautifully:

An unforgettable night indeed. Apparently she was trying to defend her mom and captured the hearts of all of America in the process. And if I know anything about the Internet, it's that she'll have a podcast on our network with Tiffany Gomas the second we start hiring again. She'll probably make an appearance on BFFs with Dave next week. Then it'll all snowball from there and all of a sudden they're sitting at the negotiating table with Spotify for $60 million. And Dave adds their names to his favorite list of all time: Alex Cooper, Pat McAfee, Jenna Marbles, and the Romper Stomper and Crazy Plane Lady. Barstool does it again.