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The Phillies Are Insane If They Think They're A More Stylish Team Than The Orioles

Excuse my French, but what the heck is this? Who do the Phillies think they are with this lie? This isn't even a stylish uniform! They look like Indiana Basketball for gods sake, no one wants that! You want to see style? You want to see what the most stylish team looks like? Take a peep at these bad boys.

Now THIS is the most stylish team in baseball. They also happen to be the best team in the AL. But this is how you do it Phillies. You don't get matching overalls, you get a happy plane theme of "Jorts". This picture just oozes sex appeal. Watch your ladies because we've got a flood watch going on. You've got soon to be ROY in Gunnar Henderson with the nip peekin out of the overalls and the black cowboy hat. Sheesh, you can't teach that style. Guy looks good. 

I also think this is just Gunnar's everyday outfit. That is how he shows up to the ballpark on a random Thursday. Then we have Grayson Rodriguez who gives us a nice 2 piece Canadian sleeveless tuxedo. Look at that farmers tan too. This is a country boy from Texas, this fit ain't new for him. And my man DL Hall straight from AAA and you can tell he probably didn't have time to pick his outfit. But you know damn right he has the shoe game on point. No chance anyone on the Phillies has more style than these 3. Or the Mega Boss. 

Meet fully sort'd overalls Adley. Game changer. You see the pant legs rolled up? You see the orange Nikes, you see the bag? That is style. Not Nick Castellanos walking around in the summer with a hoodie on under overalls. Take a page out of the Orioles fashion book, don't be uniform. Let the jorts flow on the way to Arizona for the birds. I just don't get why the Phillies think they look better and have more style when they all look identical? Be original guys, show your own personality like the Orioles did. Baltimore wins this again like it's 1983. 

It's wild that these are now the second most stylish Orioles outfits of the year….