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50 Cent Threw A Microphone At A Fan And Injured Them At A Concert

I mean obviously this is fucked up and he probably shouldn't throw a mic at full speed at a fan at a concert. But the only thing I can think about is how does 50 have this much accuracy after he threw out the Mets first pitch like an insane person?

I feel like Curtis must have went to a pitching coach because he still has the same windup but his follow through was much better. The fact 50 just kinda walked away after and just started rapping is insane. I know he isn't throwing things on his off time and when you do throw something like that, your arm hurts like a bitch after. It's impressive he is more accurate with a microphone than a baseball but he could of killed a grandma in the front row. 

Also, what is with fans and singers throwing shit at each other? Is it just as simple as social media showing all these assholes throwing stuff at the stage which then spreads to other assholes to do the same until the singers started striking back?