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PORTA POTTY WAR! These Two Smokeshows Starting An All Out Brawl At Morgan Wallen Last Night Is Our New Alabama Boat Video

Oh my heavens. This video is bananas. Where do I begin. Get them at Rough N Rowdy to handle this like real adults for one. And where is this at? A Morgan Wallen concert? 

Update: My sources (JackMac sitting right across from me) says this was at the Pirates game last night. I was sorta kidding about the Morgan Wallen thing but apparently he did perform at the Pirates park last night and the gals of the Burgh left it all out there. 

We need to talk about the girl in the white boots and give her a title shot immediately. Comes in to close and left absolutely everything on the floor:

Came in like prime Edwin Diaz. Barstool isn't hiring right now but she may have earned a lifetime contract when we settle our balance sheet a bit:

What a real one. You want her in your corner. They're calling her Jumper Barbie. Knowing the Internet, we just produced one of the most viral videos of the year. Someone do a frame by frame breakdown and reap the pageviews. If you don't I will. I just needed to get this out to the world. Adieu.