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"My Favorite Play Is A Game That's Not Even On The Board Yet" ... Meet Brad Powers The Famous Phone A Friend On The Dozen

On today's episode of Picks Central we were joined by Brad Powers, one of the sharper guys in the industry regarding College Football. The first time I ever heard him on a podcast he said he reads 37 newspapers a week, including beat writers on teams most people don't care about. Just an ALL TIME gambler. Looking for the edge, always sharp. We developed a friendship over the years and he became the most lights out Phone a Friend on The Dozen. 

Kirk was so happy with his results he even said he's goin to get a ring from Team Minihane. True respect for Brad. 

We decided this fall to have him on every Thursday giving some opinions on the board each week. He got off to a rough start (Marty's words not mine) last week with a very unlucky beat on the over in Notre Dame Navy. Today like a true pro he showed up ready to bounce back and opened the segment with a line only real gamblers can respect. 

"My best play is a game that hasn't hit the board yet."

I mean you gotta love that. Just absolute love the guy going with "The money in the crumbs" mantra and finding a play so off the grid I didn't even now the mascots in the game. 

USA Today - Approximately half of the University of San Diego football team is facing disciplinary action just before the season's start after an investigation into alleged hazing within the program.

The names of the players facing disciplinary action were not released, but the university said in a statement to USA TODAY Sports that the actions taken include players receiving indefinite game suspensions.

The university said first-year head coach Brandon Moore was notified of the hazing allegations on Aug. 18, and then reported it to athletic director Bill McGillis. As a result, team activities were suspended as officials began an investigation, which included interviewing players.

"As a result of this preliminary investigation, approximately half the football team, who were either active or passive participants, will face varying degrees of disciplinary action," the university said.

San Diego said practice resumed on Aug. 23 and players that were not suspended will still be eligible to play this season. The Toreros will play their 2023 season opener as scheduled, which will be on the road against Cal Poly on Saturday.

What a find! San Diego will be short handed in a road game to open the season and of course Brad pounced. He's all over Cal Poly when the line opens. What a find from our guy Brad. He looked at the chat boys ready to doubt him and didn't back down. Gotta love the info, gotta love the research. I'm so excited to watch (of course via stream) Cal Poly try to hang it big on San Diego, and I know the rest of the Picks Central boys will be too. 

College football is so back and I love guys like us and Brad scouring  the boards for value and off the grid picks. We're so back. 

Let's go Cal Poly !