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The Wait Is Over: Jerry O'Connell Presents His 2023 Team-By-Team Fantasy Football Strategy

It's one of the most anticipated episode of Pardon My Take each and every year - Jerry O'Connell's Fantasy Football Preview! The legendary recurring guest of the show joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter in Chicago to break down every angle of the 2023 fantasy season. You can listen or watch the interview for full context on each team, but here is JOC's DO and DO NOT draft list, organized by team...


Bills - You CAN draft any Bill except their TE's

Jets - You CAN'T draft anyone on the Jets

Dolphins - You CAN'T draft anyone on the Dolphins

Patriots - You CAN'T draft anyone on the Patriots


Ravens - You CAN'T draft anyone on the Ravens (except Zay Flowers)

Bengals - You CAN draft any Bengal (except Irv Smith) TARGET: Joe Mixon (1st round)

Browns - You CAN draft Nick Chubb, but you CAN'T draft their WR's or Deshaun Watson (rule set by Big Cat and PFT) TARGET: Nick Chubb (1st round)

Steelers - You CAN'T draft anyone on the Steelers


Texans - You CAN'T draft anyone on the Texans

Colts - You CAN draft Anthony Richardson and Michael Pittman

Jaguars - You CAN draft any Jaguar

Titans - You CAN'T draft anyone on the Titans


Broncos - You CAN'T draft any Broncos

Chiefs - You CAN draft Justyn Ross in the last round, and maybe Isiah Pacheco

Raiders - You CAN'T draft anyone on the Raiders

Chargers - You CAN draft any Charger


Cowboys - You CAN draft Tony Pollard and Brandin Cooks, you CAN'T draft Dak Prescott TARGET: Tony Pollard (2nd round)

Giants - You CAN draft Darren Waller (reach in 4th round) TARGET: Darren Waller (4th round)

Eagles - You CAN draft Jalen Hurts, you CAN'T draft anyone else

Commanders - You CAN draft Jahan Dotson


Bears - You CAN only draft Justin Fields TARGET: Justin Fields (3rd round)

Lions - You CAN'T draft anyone on the Lions

Packers - You CAN'T draft anyone on the Packers

Vikings - You CAN draft Alexander Mattison and Jordan Addison


Falcons - You CAN draft Bijan Robinson TARGET - Bijan Robinson (1st round)

Panthers - You CAN'T draft anyone on the Panthers

Saints - You CAN'T draft anyone on the Saints

Buccaneers - You CAN'T draft anyone on the Buccaneers


Cardinals - You CAN'T draft anyone on the Cardinals

49ers - You CAN draft Brandon Aiyuk

Seahawks - You CAN draft Tyler Lockett

Rams - You CAN'T draft anyone on the Rams