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Sit Back And Enjoy This Incredible Montage Of Charles Barkley Hating The Everliving Shit Out Of Skip Bayless

You can't even call this a rivalry, it's that one-sided. Charles Barkley is winning this fight any way you want to put it. Debate, fisticuffs, wrestling, basketball, whatever. Charles is going to beat the shit out of Skip Bayless - that's his words too. Actually his words are that he'll kill Skip Bayless. 

This montage is just a good reminder that Chuck will say whatever he damn well pleases. It's what makes him great. We need more of him in the sports media world. We got too many Skips. Guys who just want to say bullshit to hear themselves talk. Hey, I get it. Controversy puts asses in the seats. Being a contrarian isn't a new thing by any means. We just need people like Chuck to respond to the Skips of the world. 

We just need to make this happen now. I know Chuck won't do it because he won't give Skip the light of day. But one sit down, no rules. Nothing off the table, if it comes to a fight, let it happen. Chuck is a guy who argues with Shaq and Kenny Smith on a regular basis, you don't think he can handle Skip in a debate? Come on. I appreciate a good grudge and Chuck's had this grudge for years. Let it all out.