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Jayson Tatum Reportedly Had No Success In Trying To Recruit Damian Lillard To Boston And Honestly Who Cares?

Sam Forencich. Getty Images.

As we enter Day 1,000 of the Damian Lillard saga, things are pretty bare when it comes to actual "updates". I mean how many times can we be told that Dame still wants to go to the Heat and the Blazers still don't like the Heat's trade package? We get it.

So naturally, what does one do when they need something to talk about when it comes to this ordeal but there's nothing new to really bring to the table? Easy. Just bring the Celtics into it. 

OK? And? Am I supposed to care about this? I've made my thoughts about trading for Dame pretty clear. Shit, I even got into a weird online beef over it with Perk. I had zero interest in trading Jaylen Brown for Damian Lillard, both due to the money Dame is owed and his age. I'd much rather flirt with the second apron on a guy who is younger and about to enter his NBA prime years. Not only that, but once he signed that supermax that option was out the window anyway. 

If Jaylen is off the table, there's really no package I could see the Celts offering that would entice the Blazers, so I'm not sure what type of "recruiting" Tatum could even do. Maybe this is in reference to Tatum reaching out prior to Jaylen's supermax, but even that makes no sense because Jaylen would have been an expiring deal with the Blazers not able to even extend him this summer. Why would they do a trade like that for a player who might leave in free agency?

I mean I get it, you throw Jayson Tatum and the Celts into this story and it's going to garner some buzz. I just find it very random. Why are we hearing about Tatum's "failed" recruitment but not anyone else? Are we to believe no other star player reached out to Dame to try and get them to come to their team? I mean I guess this opens the doors for more Heat > Celtics jokes on Twitter which is cool for some people I guess. Or maybe some additional Jayson Tatum slander if that's more your thing.

Also, how much of it was "recruiting" and how much of it was just commenting on Dame's IG live?

As far as I'm concerned this is something between the Blazers and Heat. There's no need to talk about Jayson Tatum and the Celtics for any other reason than to just manufacture some "buzz" around a situation that's been at a stalemate for two months.