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Colts GM Chris Ballard Apparently Thinks Anthony Richardson Should Be Okay Without Jonathan Taylor Since Andrew Luck's Career Turned Out Just Fine Without A Stud Running Back

Look, I know that Chris Ballard has been deemed a genius by every national NFL writer since he got the Colts GM job roughly half a decade ago then leading them to (checks Pro Football Reference) one playoff victory. And we all inducted Andrew Luck into Canton after he pulled this sweet play out of his ass during that incredible comeback against the Chiefs in the 2014 NFL Playoffs.

However despite all that, I'm not sure if referencing the development of a player that was touted as the most NFL-ready QB prospect of his generation is the same as the development of a QB that is as athletically talented as he is developmentally raw. Again, that's not me saying that. That's all the ball knowers that get paid handsomely to tell you and I how to feel about football. 

I mean I guess nuking the relationship with your best offensive player and leaning on replacement running backs is actually a pretty solid plan if you are looking for Anthony Richardson to retire from the NFL before his 30th birthday because of all the injuries that piled up over the years (hat tip to that offensive offensive line the Colts had). And before people claim that the running back market has changed so much over the last few years, you can make the case that the Colts actually did trade a first round pick to acquire a special back for Andrew Luck, since I think "special" is a word you can use for The Trent Richardson Era in Indy.

YIKES. There's probably a great Eagles lyric to sum up the Trent Richardson trade, the tragedy of Andrew Luck's career, or this entire Jonathan Taylor saga. But I'll let this guy handle that since he is an expert on the subject as well as how to handle the growth of a young QB.

Gregg DeGuire. Getty Images.

Yes that guy owned the Colts as Peyton Manning grew into the best QB in the NFL for years. But I'm pretty sure that sick fuck still would've become a legend even if my dumbass owned the Colts. I can also pretty much guarantee I wouldn't have hired Peyton Manning's old Center as my head coach after a few years coaching at a prep school, which I assure you was indeed a very real thing and not something your brain created with the Mandela Effect.

God dammit I love the Colts and Jim Irsay. Anthony Richardson may not feel that way when it's all said and done but I love them.

P.S. He wasn't a "special back" and was only on the Colts for a couple of years with Andrew Luck was in Indy. But I can listen to a mic'd up Peyton Manning yelling at Donald Brown forever.