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I Don't Think Kevin Clancy Understands The Physics Involved In Getting Your Dick Sucked In Public

Smitty's boy Kanye West has been enjoying the good life over in Italy the past few weeks with his new wife Bianca. 

They've been causing an uproar over there because Kanye dresses her like a porn star every time they step out in public.

She's arite I guess.

Daily Mail - Kanye West has been caught flashing his bare derrière during a very amorous boat ride with his 'wife' Bianca Censori as the pair continue to cause a serious stir during their trip to Venice.

Having already sparked fury from locals over 28-year-old Censori's barely-there ensembles, West, 46, has now taken things even further by exposing his naked buttocks in front of gawking tourists during a boat ride with his so-called bride. 

Images of the couple show the rapper seated at the back of the river taxi while Censori, 28, appears to be nestled with her head in his lap.

The couple appeared to be blissfully unaware of the groups of tourists sailing past them with their phones held aloft as they put on their amorous display - the latest in a line of boundary-breaking public outings that have caused scandal among Italian locals. 

The brunette beauty looked effortlessly chic upon arrival, having slipped into a knee-length trench coat which she teamed with a pair of nude heels.

But both seemed to shed the layers once getting on board.

Censori ditched the coat in favor of a strapless number as West pulled down his pants which exposed his bare behind.

It appeared that things were getting very steamy as Censori faced the hitmaker and, at one point, rested her elbows on his knees, while he was then seen cradling her head as they sailed along the river. 


Now the point of this blog isn't to give props to Kanye for being a disgusting pig like this in public, knowing he's in the Holy Land/Motherland in Italy, Especially in a tourist heavy area, floating down Canale Grande aka The Grand Canal in Venice, flanked by thousands and thousands of tourists on each bank. With swarms of paparazzi following their every move. This was some intentional voyeuristic shit. Or exhibitionist shit. Whichever the term is you sickos use. It was appalling.

The point of this blog is does Kevin Clancy not understand the schematics and what goes into getting your dick sucked? 

After watching his aptly titled One Minute Man video last night, I'm convinced he does not.

Hey idiot, your dick is in your pants. To give access to it, to someone else's mouth, you need to remove said pants. 

Kanye didn't just get on a boat and bend over and let his ass hang out for the world to see. This isn't the fat pen at Barstool HQ. It's fucking Yeezy, in Venice, rocking haute couture. 

How did his model wife in a catcher's stance between his legs with her elbows on his knees not give this away?

I am shocked and in disbelief by not just the obliviousness, but that he put this take out. 

And in classic KFC fashion, this idiot doubled down on his awful take by calling the rest of us, the people with actual brains, the crazy ones. 

Even Kim K knew what was going on.

But not Kevin Clancy.