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Martha Stewart "Captured A Small Iceberg" To Toss In Her Booze And The Global Warming Community Is Furious

Christopher Polk. Getty Images.

Martha Stewart is currently on a luxury cruise exploring the nooks & crannies of Greenland, and on Monday she posted a series of photos to Insta where part of her caption mentioned,

We actually captured a small iceberg for our cocktails tonight

What a flex!

Then you see Martha, cute as a button all bundled up, holding up her little iceberg-cooled drink, then two mini chunks of iceberg resting on a bar cart, then a bunch of rich people toasting fancy champagne on a glacier or something and yada yada:

When I flipped through her post I thought it was pretty neat and then I daydreamed about a peach Nooner poured over a crystal mug of finely crushed iceberg and almost drooled on myself, but hundreds of others did not have the same vision. In fact, they were big mad:

Giphy Images.

Sheesh. Lots of talk of dystopian capitalist hellscapes when Martha's just trying to party. 


I will say that if you're part of a tourist trip filled to the brim with millionaires, many of whom have various posts lamenting global warming, and you're sharing photos of what appear to be glacier chunks in Dom Perignon mimosas or whatnot, you're gonna hear the internet rabble-rabble-rabble about it. You can't be surprised when that happens. 

Giphy Images.

Several people brought up Martha's own post from about about six weeks ago when those huge floods rolled through the West Point, NY area and her upstate home got 8 inches of rain which slightly tilted some trees on her property. 

"…vegetables rotting in the garden because of so much water,"

Martha, forget your soggy lettuce… PEOPLE DIED!

That gem of a post goes on to ask what we're doing about global warming, and now a couple months later she's booze-bergin'. All I'm saying is, the optics aren't great.

But Martha has seen the hubbub and is not bothered in the slightest, even posting on her Instagram story to let the people know experts say a 'berg cube here & there is not a big deal. Via glaciologist Eric Rignot from UC Irvine:

“Icebergs float at sea already and slowly melt. Whether they melt in the ocean or in your glass does not make a difference.”

And then she followed that up with a photo of herself in actual hot water, cool as a cucumber.

As of today her post remains up despite more & more people flipping out about it, and I know it shall remain. Absolute ice queen & national treasure.