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Bishop Sycamore Coach Roy Johnson Does First Interview Since “BS High” Dropped And One Of The Hosts Absolutely Snapped On Him

Today on Picks Central we had BS High Head Coach Roy Johnson on to answer to all the fuckery he was up to as the head coach of Bishop Sycamore. I had planned on going harder on him but our very own Chris Klemmer went absolutely apeshit on him. Verbally held his body off a 20th story fire escape and made him admit all his wrongs and mistakes. It was a tongue lashing (pause) of epic proportions. 

To his credit, Roy Johnson was a little more humble than the was in the documentary and gave the right answers when asked about his fuck ups but once a con-artist always a con-artist until proven otherwise in my opinion. It was a lot of words but we surely haven’t seen the action yet. Nothing against religion but it’s a tough look quoting bible verses after fucking over a shit ton of kids and not really doing anything so far to rectify it. 

If he was able to rectify these wrongs in some way that would be great but I’m not exactly holding my breath on it. I can’t hold my breath for very long anyway because I’m morbidly obese and have been chain smoking blunts and weed vapes for the last decade and a half. Anyways, enjoy a con man getting held to the fire by all of us, but really our very own Chris Klemmer.