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Sixers Coach Nick Nurse Doing The "Kimbrel" Before Throwing Out The First Pitch Means He Gets Philly


Anytime before 2023 it wasn't possible to imagine Nick Nurse imitating Craig Kimbrel on the Phillies mound. In fact, thinking those extreme Mad Libs thoughts could get you shot. Yet here we are. Now nothing is really off limits. Maybe come October there can be a Dame sighting on the bump? Johnathan Taylor? Shit, or even the really impossible...

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Yeah. That's enough baseless conjecture for the day. Possibly life. But good on Nick Nurse for at least trying to be one with his new city. Might not be much help to this Sixers franchise that may be going through another Process sooner than later, but tip of the cap to him for the effort. 

Cue it. Or whatever.